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If you’re working in an international context, whether for a large multinational or writing for an international academic journal, you will likely be required to have a high level of proficiency in English. But even if you do, writing in perfect English which is completely free of mistakes will probably still be a difficult task.

Our English editing service ensures that anyone who reads your writing, will not see any mistakes which could detract them for the points you are trying to communicate.

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English Second Language

Over the years we have helped many people from around the world who speak English as a Second Language (ESL), professionals in China, Korea, Japan, France, Spain and Italy to mention but a few of the nationalities that we serve.

Why use English Trackers to help with editing your English?

  • To pass the responsibility of your English to our native English-speaking editors
  • To protect your personal brand and reputation
  • To be in a position to share your writing with the full confidence that the language is appropriate and accurate
  • To ensure that readers fully understand the points you are making


An editing team with communication and writing backgrounds

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills. As well as holding high-level academic qualifications, many of them have also had successful writing careers. They are all familiar with editing for English Second Language or English Additional Language writers and many have experience teaching ESL English.

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