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Congratulations – you’ve finished writing your book! Now you need to ensure your manuscript is error free before you submit it to a publisher or decide to self-publish.

At English Trackers, we appreciate how hard it is to write good English. We believe every idea should be given the best chance of success – whether you’re a native English speaker or not.

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I have had two books edited and proofread by English Trackers. On both occasions the final English version returned to me read beautifully and I’m very happy that I decided to publish these last two books in French and English.

- Anne Garrigues, Author of seven books


Write, edit, edit, edit!

As a writer, you have spent hours, days, months, possibly years writing your book. Now it’s time to pass it into the hands of an expert editing and proofreading team. And that’s what you get from our service - a two-person team to first edit then proofread your work. Your editing team will take your carefully-crafted manuscript and go through it page by page, upgrading your English where necessary to make sure your writing flows and captures your readers’ attention.

Traditional publishing route

It’s not only readers who will be reading your book. If you’re looking to publish your book the traditional way, you’ll want to find a book agent first before submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

Self-publishing route

If you’re planning on taking the self-publishing route, via Kindle or one of the other e-book platforms, you won’t have the publisher’s editing and proofreading team working for you. So you’ll need to find your own professional editors.

Why use English Trackers to edit and proofread your book?

  • To make sure your writing flows and engages your reader
  • To encourage readers to buy more of your books
  • To promote yourself as a professional writer
  • To increase your chances of getting a book deal from a publisher
  • To pass on the responsibility for correct English to the professionals

Your professional English editing team

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills; many of them are working journalists, marketing and content writers, or professionals with extensive experience in the communications field.

Whether it’s a memoir, novel, business book, research paper or some other kind of text, our editors have extensive experience in working on all kinds of books and research.

Are you ready to have your book edited by a team of professional editors and proofreaders?

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