Organization & Business Customers

Many of our longest-standing customers are businesses and organisations that publish a high volume of documents and regularly come back to us to have their English edited and re-written.

There are a number of benefits that we offer these organizations:

Preferential Rates

based on document size and frequency

English Trackers Credit

helping you to avoid lengthy internal payment processes

Express Service

receive your document back within as little as 24 hours from submission

Service Level Agreement

signed contract defining the scope, responsibilities and expected quality of work available on request

English Trackers helps us maintain a regular publishing schedule and reduce some of the internal burden on our team in the immediate term. We chose English Trackers because they were price competitive and delivered the best quality editing service matching our style of communication.

- Anne-Laure MADDY, Communications Manager, EU SME Centre

Why you might consider outsourcing your English editing:

  • Limited internal resources (staff and time) to edit and proofread.
  • Requirement of a consistent voice for a report or research paper written by multiple contributors.
  • Writers who are not native English speakers.
  • Important publication requiring professional-level writing.
  • Safety net to catch any mistakes before publication/submission.


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