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Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Not-for-Profit organisations, or charities, are having to compete more and more like businesses for funding and support. From filling out complex, lengthy grant applications to publishing reports or website content, NGOs and charities are under huge pressure to produce well-written English documents.

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Grant proposals and applications

Fortunately, there are government agencies, corporate donors, philanthropists and individuals willing to invest in non-profit programs and causes.

The one thing they all require is the completion of an application form – often online – to be eligible for funding.

These applications give NGOs or charities the opportunity to state their case and show how their work is making a difference to a particular cause or community.

English Trackers’ long-term experience in the development field

English Trackers has been working in the development field since the company was set up in 2008. Our ongoing work has included documents for the French Development Agency, the Asian Development Bank, the UN and the World Bank Institute. We have also helped numerous NGOs and not-for-profit organisations produce English documents for grant submissions.

Why use English Trackers to edit your English documents?

  • To make sure your English communicates your organisation’s mission and work clearly
  • To make sure your English is easy to understand for readers of any nationality
  • To be in a position to submit well-written, concise grant documentation
  • To give those you support the best chance of finding funding

Your professional English editing team

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills. Most of them have backgrounds in journalism, publishing and academia.

Whether your document is a grant application, a proposal or marketing materials, your professional team of editors will help you convey your message in the clearest possible language.

Are you ready to invest in the quality of your organisation’s English documents?

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