Ten Awesome Quotes from The Bookworm Lit Fest!


  Two glorious weeks of the Bookworm Literary Festival have come to a close. I’m a little sad. Held in the Beijing Bookworm’s main room – maximum seating one hundred – this is an ‘intimate’ festival. The authors step off the page right into our local bookshop. What a » Read More

Cover Letters – Salutation, Sign Off and Tone


  Now that you’ve written your resume in English, and you’ve found a job advertisement, here are a few tips on how to write a respectable cover letter.  I consider these tips to be the ‘good manners’ you’d want to extend to your potential new company. When we’re editing » Read More

English Resume – How to Avoid 5 Common Written Mistakes

make resume-mycvfactory-devoted-2

Here are the five most common mistakes we come across at English Trackers when we edit non-native English speakers’ resumes. The difficulty in translating a CV lies in the fact that education systems are unique to each country. Move onto  job descriptions and company departments, and there’s a whole » Read More

British Accents: Tips on Understanding Brits!

Map of UK and ireland

The Challenges of Understanding Different Regional Accents It’s often easy for regional accents and dialects to make understanding a new language difficult. From travelling abroad to communicating with people in different countries via e-mail or telephone, understanding new people can be hard for those who aren’t familiar with common » Read More

Spelling Errors – What Cost to Companies?


My daughter’s flight was listed at the top of my account page and next to it was the word ‘Rescheduled’! What? I didn’t get an email or text telling me her flight had been rescheduled! By this time, I’m at work and my daughter is on her way to » Read More