Mapping the Path to a Multilingual Business


  The question of language as it relates to business probably comes with a great deal of stress. As a non-native speaker, you will want to make sure that your communication is as clear and attractive as possible. From a customer’s perspective, broken or improper English is largely considered » Read More

Multicultural London English: The Language of the East End


  Last month a new travel video hit the web, exploring the East End of London from a skateboarder’s perspective, as he hurtles around its many and varied colourful street markets, including Columbia Road Flower Market, Broadway Market in Hackney – the gourmet’s choice – and the bric-a-brac heaven » Read More

How to Improve Your English Accent


A New Approach to the Perfect Accent: The Rules of Romancing a Language Want to perfect your English accent? Consider dating it. It may sound silly, but approaching a new foreign language using the same “dating” process you would when meeting a new love interest has proven successful for » Read More

Evaluating the Impact of our Written Words


  Do you re-read your business emails? Do you get a colleague to run through a draft report you’ve written?     As the CEO of a professional English editing company, I’ve built my business on the premise that what we write has a huge impact on our personal » Read More

TED Explained – Yang Lan: The Generation that’s Remaking China


  TED Talk Summary: Yang Lan, a journalist and entrepreneur who’s been called “the Oprah of China,” offers insight into the next generation of young Chinese citizens — urban, connected (via microblogs) and alert to injustice. The chair of a multiplatform business empire, Yang is pioneering more-open means of communication » Read More