British Accents: Tips on Understanding Brits!

Map of UK and ireland

The Challenges of Understanding Different Regional Accents It’s often easy for regional accents and dialects to make understanding a new language difficult. From travelling abroad to communicating with people in different countries via e-mail or telephone, understanding new people can be hard for those who aren’t familiar with common » Read More

Spelling Errors – What Cost to Companies?


My daughter’s flight was listed at the top of my account page and next to it was the word ‘Rescheduled’! What? I didn’t get an email or text telling me her flight had been rescheduled! By this time, I’m at work and my daughter is on her way to » Read More

What Do Your Emails Say About You?


The language we use shapes the way that other people see us, so it is important to think carefully about the way that we present ourselves, both in speech and in writing, particularly when we are working on business correspondence. Writing Professional Emails Recognizing the importance of careful editing, » Read More

Mapping the Path to a Multilingual Business


  The question of language as it relates to business probably comes with a great deal of stress. As a non-native speaker, you will want to make sure that your communication is as clear and attractive as possible. From a customer’s perspective, broken or improper English is largely considered » Read More