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Research can take many forms, from B2B industry white papers to market research on consumer trends and everything in between!

We’ve worked with many companies, non-profits and government agencies for whom we have edited huge reports, often with a short turnaround. Some of our previous work has included editing reports for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The French Development Agency, EU-funded projects and many others.

Whether or not you’re a native English speaker, we know you’ll be impressed with the results once our professional editors have meticulously checked, corrected and optimized your research writing.

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Our quality guarantee

We know that attention to detail is a vital trait in any good researcher and the same holds true for a good editor. Our quality control process means that each and every document that we proofread and edit, passes through a second Editor (“Auditor”) before being returned to the client. The accuracy of your data is inevitably linked with your credibility and so is the way you interpret your research through your writing!

Research with one voice

The majority of large research projects and studies will have many different authors, often with vastly different writing styles. Running your research past us before publishing will allow us the opportunity to unify the voice of the research into one.

Why use English Trackers to help with editing your research?

  • To ensure accuracy with two of our editors working on your research
  • To let our native English editors do the work, if English isn’t your first language
  • To unify the voice of the research if written by multiple authors

An editing team with exciting communication and writing skills

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills. We recruit them from academia, publishing and journalism to ensure that have the experience and skills required to edit reports and research written by our clients.

Looking for a professional polish before you publish your research?

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