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Globalisation has meant that companies are now doing business with partners from all around the world. From manufacturing companies exporting products, to software engineers selling software as a service to individuals promoting their area of expertise – so much of this international trade takes place in English.

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English Trackers helps us maintain a regular publishing schedule and reduce some of the internal burden on our team in the immediate term.

We chose English Trackers because they were price competitive and delivered the best quality editing service matching our style of communication.

- Anne-Laure Maddy, Commnunications Director, EU SME Centre -


What does your English say about you?

Some companies spend a huge amount of their budget developing their product or service, only to promote their business using poor quality or sub-standard English.

Your business English materials need to reflect the quality of your brand. Don’t let poor writing lead to your offering being rejected because potential clients or partners cannot understand your English.

Selling to an international clientele

If you’re promoting your goods and services internationally, you need to consider that English may be a second or even third language for many of your clients. So writing clearly and correctly significantly increases the chance that they will engage with you and later buy your product or service.

Why use English Trackers to edit your business English documents?

  • To make your English easier to understand for readers of any nationality
  • To showcase your products or services in clear, correct English
  • To make sure your English reflects the quality of you and your brand
  • To increase your chances of starting a conversation or making a sale

Your professional English editing team

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills. Many of them have business backgrounds in various industries, marketing or content creation.

Whether you need a professional editor to edit a company report, a brochure, leaflet or flyer, administrative templates or legal contracts – all documents handled by English Trackers editors will read as if they have been written by an accomplished native speaker.

Are you ready to invest in the quality of your business English documents?

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