Recent work

To demonstrate the diversity of our activities, we’ve put together a snippet from our recent portfolio.

Work for individuals

Editing and proofreading a self-published book

We have just collaborated on a bilingual book about entrepreneurs. We were responsible for editing and proofreading the English version of the book. If you are interested in seeing the quality of our work, you can download the digital version of the book on our blog here. You can also read our interview with the author on the same blog post.

Presentations and support documents

Making a presentation in a language other than your own can be stressful, but making that speech in a second or third language makes it even more challenging. We helped a French engineer present his services in clear, concise English so that his audience would be sure to understand his message. With all his materials edited to native-level standard by our editors, he was able to give his presentation from a position of confidence.

Application letters

Most people struggle to write convincing application letters even in their own language. We have helped people from all walks of life to present themselves in the best possible way. From foreign freelance journalists applying in English for scholarships to businessmen and women applying for MBAs and post-graduates submitting job applications, our editors have helped to level out the playing field for many individuals competing for a position with native English speakers.

Work for businesses

Annual reports

Drafting an annual report is a huge undertaking; producing it in several languages is rather daunting. The latest annual report we edited was for the international arm of a French railway company. They had had the report translated by an agency in Paris and were not happy with the translator’s level of English. One of our business editors polished up the poor English and we were able to return a report that did justice to the company and their workforce.

Marketing and adminstrative documents

A Qatari-based international law firm recently purchased English Trackers credit in order to pay for the proofreading of a whole series of corporate documents. Our editors have proofread their brochures, newsletters and client proposals as well as some of their template documents. With documents drafted by an international team within the firm, they wanted to ensure that the standard of English throughout was consistent, clear and of the highest quality.

Work for government agencies

Task force report

English Trackers edited a conference report written by the Task Force of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development for use at a global environmental conference. The report had been written by several parties, none of whom were native English speakers; therefore some heavy-duty editing was required to ensure a smooth, concise and consistent final document, in-keeping with the organisation’s standing.

Public development aid research

A project for the French Development Agency’s research department saw our editors learning about energy efficiency and policy recommendations for finance mechanisms as they edited highly technical and specialised materials on the financial levers in retro-fitting buildings. As co-financer of a research programme in Wuhan, the Agency needed to collate a vast amount of materials into book form for an international conference and so called on English Trackers to ensure that this content was of the highest possible standard.


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