Top 10 Books on the English Language

Top 10 Books on the English Language Need to buy a book about the English language but don’t know which one to buy or which review to trust? This is my list of the top ten books on the English language. I have most of them on my book shelf » Read More

How to Cut Out Word Noise

An entrepreneur’s journey to brevity Picture an iconic place in your capital city. There are probably around 20 to choose from. Have you selected one yet? Now, imagine you’re going to take out-of-town visitors there. How would you describe it to them? Oh, and did I mention, you’re only » Read More

Cockney Rhyming Slang: You Won’t Adam and Eve It!

  The English language is full of quirky idioms and ways of speaking, but surely one of the quirkiest is Cockney rhyming slang.  Although most historians agree Cockney rhyming slang originated in  London’s east end in the mid-nineteenth century, there are various theories as to how this particularly British linguistic » Read More

Tea and Biscuits – British Slang

The United Kingdom is obsessed by tea and the drink has its own British slang! Here’s a light-hearted introduction to British tea slang. When Brits drink tea they invariably reach for the biscuit tin (not cookie jar) so they can munch on a couple of biscuits while they drink their » Read More

On the Job – The Jazz Singer

  We launched this “On the Job” series to find out how people use English in their working lives. We talk to them about jargon in their profession, writing on the job and what advice they’d give to learners of English.    Who do you work for? Myself and anyone else » Read More