Trumped Down: Donald’s Mastery of Simple Speech

  Over the past few months at English Trackers we’ve been fascinated by the US Election race and astonished by Donald Trump’s rising support. We thought we’d take a closer look at some of his speeches to try to understand why his use of language seems to be striking » Read More

Ten Awesome Quotes from The Bookworm Lit Fest!

  Two glorious weeks of the Bookworm Literary Festival have come to a close. I’m a little sad. Held in the Beijing Bookworm’s main room – maximum seating one hundred – this is an ‘intimate’ festival. The authors step off the page right into our local bookshop. What a » Read More

Writing Good Copy: Key Pointers

Whether we are editing English for clients or writing original copy for them, we have noticed we are often asked the same questions. So we have gathered up the five most common ones and asked our Senior Copywriter and Editor Paul Murphy to answer them for us.   What is » Read More

Blue Sky Thinking

‘Blue sky thinking’, ‘pushing the envelope’, ‘thinking outside the box’, all expressions that make one BBC journalist’s teeth ache! Jenni Murray, a BBC Radio 4 presenter, recently discussed language on the Women’s Hour programme and posed the question: “Is use of language holding women back at senior level?” Contributing » Read More