Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you (“Client”) and English Trackers Co Ltd (English Trackers) regarding access and use of the website – www.englishtrackers.com – and its associated editing and proofreading services.

Use of this website constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions of the website and acceptance of these.

  1. English Trackers will handle Clients’ materials in the strictest confidence and will keep Clients’ personal information private.
  2. English Trackers' fees are based on word count as counted in the originally submitted document prior to any editing or proofreading.
  3. English Trackers reserves the right to refuse to edit any material(s) that is/are of an offensive nature, defamatory, obscene, in breach of any statutory or regulatory obligation, or is otherwise considered inappropriate by English Trackers, whose decision in all matters shall be binding and conclusive.
  4. English Trackers reserves the right to refuse any computer generated content (i.e. English translated by computer software).
  5. English Trackers shall not be held liable for any plagiarism or illegal acts.
  6. The Client remains the rights holder of any rights pertaining to material edited or proofread by English Trackers (e.g. copyright or any other right).
  7. The default currency for this site is USD; all other currencies shown are for reference only.
  8. English Trackers Credit is maintained in USD in the system. Any credit purchased in other currencies will be changed into USD on arrival.
  9. Payment is due on the date of order. Payment can be made directly via various payment options or by using pre-paid credit already purchased under the company’s Debit Payment Option.
  10. Work only commences once payment has been made. Times for expected return of edited documents are given once payment is received. English Trackers will use its best efforts to meet these deadlines but does not accept liability for any delay in delivery. Should the delivery date need to be modified, English Trackers will inform the client immediately.
  11. The edited files will remain accessible through the website for a period of three months after completion unless otherwise agreed.
  12. English Trackers may terminate the rights of the Client without cause at any time and with immediate effect.
  13. The domain name Englishtrackers.com is owned by English Trackers (HK) Co. Ltd. This website and its contents are covered by international Intellectual Property Laws. The use of all or any part of the Website, in particular the downloading, reproduction, transmission, republication or distribution, including code and software, for any use other than personal use or private non-commercial use is strictly forbidden.
  14. This Agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with Hong Kong Laws. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.
  15. English Trackers reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, the disclaimer and the Privacy Policy at any time. These modifications will become effective on the date that they are posted on this website.