How to Write a Personal Statement

How to Write a Personal Statement   The personal statement is arguably the most difficult element of completing any application. Most other elements of an application form use key questions to guide you through the required information. A blank personal statement box can be daunting but it does give » Read More

Lines of communication

Lines of communication. Exchanges back and forth. Contact kept, contact lost and sometimes contact re-established. So much of business is based on communication. Exchanging information between buyer and seller. The digital era has reduced human interaction considerably; online purchases involve only a few words and various clicks. But in » Read More

What Do Your Emails Say About You?

The language we use shapes the way that other people see us, so it is important to think carefully about the way that we present ourselves, both in speech and in writing, particularly when we are working on business correspondence. Writing Professional Emails Recognizing the importance of careful editing, » Read More

Top 5 Tips to Ensure Effective Communication at Work

  Ever felt like you’re banging your head against the proverbial brick wall? At work, not literally! If you’ve ever suffered frustration due to a lack of effective communication in the workplace, you’re not alone. A 2008 survey “Communication in the Workplace,” found that a lack of communication skills » Read More