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Whether you’ve written the English version of your website yourself or you’ve had it translated into English by an agency, having it edited by a professional writer will ensure it’s free of faults and reads fluently.

We know the hardest part of adding an English version to your website is writing the content! The next step is to give that English content a professional polish. To find out exactly how our native English editors upgrade your writing, check out our Editing Services.

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When I wanted to expand my CV design services to a broader audience, the obvious step was to get Mycvfactory translated from French to English. I uploaded all my text for editing to English Trackers and was thrilled with their work and helpful comments. We are already getting traction on the English version of the site and I’m happy I invested to make sure the quality was native level.

- Pauline Lahary, Founder & CEO, Mycvfactory


Expanding your business internationally

For many, English is the international language of business, and with just over 55% of the most visited websites offering English language pages*, adding a quality English version to your website can help you grow your business globally.

But don’t forget, for many of your international clients, English will be a second or even third language. Don’t make it hard for them to find the information they need, to understand your service or product descriptions – in short, to receive your message clearly and easily.

Why use English Trackers to edit your website?

  • To ensure it will read as if written by a native English speaker
  • To make it easier to understand for English readers of any nationality
  • To encourage web visitors to stay on your site and read your message
  • To showcase your products or services in clear, correct English
  • To promote your brand professionally
  • To attract more website visitors from search engines

Your professional English editing team

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills; many of them are working journalists, marketing and content writers, or professionals with extensive experience in the communications field. Let us turn the English version of your website into a well-written, easily understood global advert for your products and services.

Consider how many web visitors will be reading your content in English - thousands or even millions – that’s a lot of potential clients to impress!

Are you looking to invest in your future business growth?

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