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Writing a report is a huge, multi-phase undertaking involving research, analysis, results, first draft, feedback and second draft. After the second draft, the report is usually nearly ready for publication, submission or dissemination. At which point there is one last stage before it goes out to its readers: a final proofread by a qualified third party.

At English Trackers, we have provided that final proofreading service for thousands of words of reports, including white papers, internal reports, case studies or accreditation applications.

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Editor and proofreader team

Every report that is submitted to our service passes through the hands of a two-person editing team. The first editor is tasked with upgrading your English where necessary, making sure the content is organised correctly, uniting the voice where a multi-author team has contributed to the report’s production, and ensuring the vocabulary is consistent throughout.

The second editor has the role of a proofreader and final polisher. This person focuses on consistency of voice and vocabulary and making sure the paper is engaging for your readership.

Style guidelines

If you have in-house style guidelines, please make sure you share them with us by sending us a link or an actual copy of the guidelines. Our editors will edit according to your style guidelines so that your communication materials remain consistent.

If you don’t have official guidelines yet, then please send us any relevant information that the editing team could use, such as the way you write certain names (company, titles, subsidiaries and any foreign names etc.). Also, please make sure you check the US or British English box on the upload form, as there are significant differences between the two versions of the language.

Why use English Trackers to edit your report?

  • To have a professional third party check your work
  • To unify the voice of a report if written by multiple authors
  • To have in-house style guidelines applied consistently throughout
  • To be in a position to publish or disseminate your report with full confidence that the language is appropriate and accurate

An editing team with communication and writing backgrounds

We hire all our English Editors for their excellent writing skills. As well as holding high-level academic qualifications, many of them have also had successful writing careers. Their backgrounds are in journalism, public relations and publishing, and they bring a wealth of experience in these areas.

Are you ready to have your report, white paper or case study edited by a team of professional editors?

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