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You’ve written your paper - congratulations are in order. Now you need to ensure your manuscript is error-free before you submit it your university, school or journal.

At English Trackers, we have worked for many years with some of the top scholars around the world, helping them submit their theses, dissertations, research papers and books.

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I consider English Trackers a valuable and reliable partner. I'm a native English speaker and, I think, a pretty good writer. But my co-authors and I see the value that English Trackers adds by making sure our ideas and arguments are communicated clearly and effectively.  All of our papers go through them before they go to a journal for review.

- Professor Steven White, School of Economics & Management, Tsinghua University


Two-person editing team

By using our academic editing service you’ll have a two-person team to first edit then proofread your work. Our academic editors will take your article, dissertation or book and go through it page by page, upgrading your English where necessary to make sure your writing flows and captures your readers’ attention.

Style guidelines

Our team are fluent in the most commonly used style guidelines, such as APA, The Chicago Manual of Style, The MLA Style Manual to name but a few. Our editors can follow the style guidelines you specify, so you know your paper won’t be rejected due to style considerations.

Free English editing certificate

We issue English editing certificates free of charge for every piece of work edited by our team of academic editors.

Why use English Trackers to edit your academic writing?

  • To pass on the responsibility for correct English to the professionals
  • To make sure your writing flows and engages your reader
  • To minimise chances of outright rejection due to poor English
  • To submit your paper with an English editing certificate

An academic editing team of PhDs and experts

We hire all our academic English Editors for their excellent writing skills; they must have a PhD to join our team and have at least two years’ of proven professional academic editing under their belt.

Our academic editors are drawn from a variety of fields, such as science, the arts, economics and business etc. We will match your paper to an editor with knowledge in your field.

Are you ready to have your academic writing edited by a team of professional academic editors?

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