Writing is a creative act and a way to process your emotions, but it’s also a highly bankable skill that will help you succeed in your professional life.

As stated by Business News Daily, soft skills like writing would be very hard to replace with automation. As such, writers are primed to fill much-needed spaces in today’s competitive job market. So, with that in mind, below are five ways that writers can use their skills to become an attractive job candidate.

Write concise and snappy content

Let’s face it: today’s writers need to deal with the rise of digital platforms and the need for snappy content. Social media marketing is still touted by Dynamic Business as one of the most influential marketing strategies around, but everyone knows that writing for social media isn’t easy. It’s often been said that the best writers are concise, and you can use this skill to your advantage by helping brands create stronger digital marketing strategies.

Being persuasive

On the subject of being concise, persuasiveness is also a skill not everyone possesses. Being able to choose the right words to create a strong message will help you advance your career in lots of different ways. Businesses are always going to want writers who can help them sell ideas and seal deals; however, persuasive writing can also help you land that promotion you’ve been eyeing, or land an interview with a manager or executive you’ve always wanted to learn from. Persuasive writing is all about using the right words and carefully constructing your arguments, all of which are skills writers are accustomed to.

Creating meaningful relationships

Writers can string together characters and relationships on paper, which speaks to how well they perceive human relationships. Unfortunately, isolation and stress are all too common with writers; Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson are just some examples of writers who have struggled with these issues. Fortunately, it has never been easier to go out and meet like-minded people. For one, you can try visiting coffee shops or coworking spaces. US-based co-working firm Industrious puts community at the core of their memberships, which provides you with the opportunity to meet fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and much more. Using your creativity to make you more personable allows potential co-workers and clients to really get to know you while also widening your own perspective.

Using research

A great writer is a thorough researcher. Researching for a story helps your setting and characters be more believable. Using your research skills at work can help you and your team make important decisions. On the subject of co-working spaces, Runway East recently opened one in Bristol after carefully monitoring the rise of unicorns and startups in the city. This is the kind of background work that great writers practice. After all, research is a continuously evolving process, and you have to follow up with your sources to see how a story evolves. Continuously monitoring competitors and industry updates can help you craft strategies to move your business forward.

Being thorough with editing

Our post on The Art of Successful Resume Writing proves that to create the best resume possible, you’re likely to go through several drafts and revisions. Editing is a key part of the writing process. Not only do writers have to have a keen eye for grammatical errors, they also need to understand that having a second or third pass often leads to a stronger end-product. Going through documents with your team can also be a great bonding experience that will stimulate your brain while helping everyone become stronger editors.

Journalism and scriptwriting aren’t the only jobs where writing skills can be put to use: in fact, strong writing is a valuable skills in practically all jobs, even the most technical ones. Using these five skills can put you ahead of the competition and help you land your dream job.


Contributed by one of our staff writers