English Rewriting

Pass on the responsibility of enhancing your English writing to a team of experts and ensure your materials reflect the best of you or your organization!

Our English Rewriting service is the ultimate way to give your document a professional English polish.

What’s included in the Rewriting service?

As well as all of the benefits included within our Editing service, Rewriting gives you many added extras.

Sentence structure adaptation

Often sentences may be grammatically correct, but just don’t sound right, particularly to the ear of a native English speaker. We re-arrange the way sentences have been constructed to make sure the flow is not disrupted by a poorly crafted sentence.

Logical content organization

With years of experience under our belts, we have a very good idea about the optimum way in which various documents should be structured, particularly large pieces such as scientific research.

Rewording to improve flow and style

We find the right words to communicate what you mean effectively.

Editor feedback

Our editors have professional experience in many different areas including academia, journalism, PR and business; this means they’re well placed to give feedback and suggestions. We don’t just want your English to be perfect; we want your research, report, ebook or whatever else it might be to be a success.

How does it work?

The first editor will comprehensively improve your document by optimizing the structure of the sentences, re-organizing the content where necessary and rewording. Everything which is covered in our Editing service (such as proofreading to check spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes). As with all the documents that pass through our hands, a second editor will be tasked with double-checking your document to ensure the version we give back to you is of the highest quality. You will receive the final version along with our editors’ feedback and suggestions.

Money-back guarantee

We’re confident about the quality of our service and we want you to be too.

Native English editors

All of our editors are native English speakers with professional backgrounds from academia to journalism.

Two editors for every document

Your document will go through two rounds of editing, ensuring that what we deliver to you is error-free.

Editing Certificate

A certificate to prove that the English in your documents has been checked and enhanced by professionals, is available on request.

I am German by origin and a businessperson, not an academic. The most important contribution English Trackers and the editor responsible for my project are making is to help me achieve a language level of professionalism and quality, which on my own I would not have reached.

- Michael WILKES, DBA Candidate at Edinburgh Business School


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