LinkedIn Optimisation Workshop

"The beauty of LinkedIn is that once you've made the effort to optimise your profile, it carries on networking without you!"
- Bridget Rooth

Bridget training Students
Tired of running around networking events and not meeting the people you need to meet?

Imagine if you had access to 225 million professionals from all over the world - CEOs, recruiters, managers, potential business partners, investors and perhaps even future clients. And imagine if you didn't have to hunt them down, and instead they came to you.
Jonathan RECHTMAN Chinese - English Conference Interpreter
Bridget's brief but intensive LinkedIn optimization session was eye-opening, instructive, and enormously valuable. I was initially skeptical of LinkedIn as a serious platform for brand promotion, but her patient, well-organized instruction effectively communicated the art of establishing a professional presence online.
Emily DAVIS Consultant, UNDP China
Attending Bridget's LinkedIn Optimization workshop was an informative and interactive experience. Her insights were comprehensive and relevant for all professions and fields. I learned so much and felt like I could make immediate improvements to my LinkedIn profile while in the workshop.

Bridget has trained hundreds of professionals from diplomats to entrepreneurs, job-seeking young professionals to hardy China hands

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Save 60%!
Build your own group of 4 and one person goes free!

Plenty of individual attention.

Minimum 3 participants
Bring: Laptop or iPad
Time & Location: to suit your group


2,000 RMB 1,600 RMB 320 USD 260 USD ONE-TO-ONE

20% DISCOUNT. Offer valid until February 28th, 2015

Ninety minutes dedicated to building your optimum LinkedIn profile

Thirty-minute follow-up session to check your new profile