How to write a professional resume

Your resume needs to pass the 20-second skim test. What's that you say? Well, you don't want your CV to get thrown out on the first round because the layout is messy, the information unclear, the length too long etc. Remember, you are writing to sell yourself and potential recruiters need to get a quick and clear idea of who you are.

Be prepared to rewrite your resume for each new job application. You'll need to highlight different skills and experience in response to each new job description. Don't be tempted to send the same generic resume for every job application.

When you're writing about yourself you need to adopt an engaging and upbeat writing style. Always write in the first person and use action verbs to describe your accomplishments and special skills. In fact, there's quite a lot to remember when you set out to present your professional self in your resume.

We've put together some resume tips to guide you - downloadable on the right hand side - in which we cover general resume-writing guidelines, resume format and structure and pointers on writing style and content.

Help for writing a good resume

Over on our blog, we've published a comprehensive post written by a professional resume writer: Graduates - Preparing for the Labour Market . He not only provides tips on writing your resume but covers topics such as cleaning up your social media footprint and developing your professional online presence.

Editing your resume

With the employment market so competitive nowadays, it's worth making sure your resume is written in good English and is free of typos. Let one of our professional editors check your CV before you send it off with your cover letter. A two-page resume is less than 500 words - check out our prices using our instant quote widget.

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Working as a coach and facilitator means I have to present my CV and bio every time I approach a new client. Knowing English Trackers has ensured the English is faultless in my presentation is hugely reassuring.


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