How to write a report

Is there an art to report writing? Faced with the first blank page, report writers stumble and become discouraged. The first step in writing a report is actually the research phase. If you get your report production steps in the right order, you minimise the pain when it comes to the writing itself.

So before you start stressing about how you'll actually write the content, set aside some time to plan out your steps. What's the purpose of your report? What question does it answer? Know your subject and outline what you want to say in a few sentences.

We've prepared a report sample that you can download on the right. It provides a basic report framework that you may want to adjust according to your writing needs.

Help for writing a good report

One of on our professional writers has written a blog on How to Write a Report. This seasoned report writer walks you through the steps for producing a professional report.

Editing your writing

Once you've written your report you may want the help of a professional editor to give it a final polish. English Trackers has edited thousands of reports for individuals, companies and organisations. To get an idea of how much it will cost, enter the number of words you're expecting to write in our instant quote widget.

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Dr Carine Barbier

Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, Paris, France.

English Trackers assisted us with a technical report, polishing the language of the English version. Their responsiveness throughout the project enabled us to meet our very tight deadlines.


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