'How to write' series

Writing a personal or business document is a daunting process, isn’t it? How do you get past the fear of the first blank page?

What if there were some clear steps to follow? Veteran writers have a defined process for preparing and writing the different types of documents they produce. We wanted to tap into their years of experience and share their expertise with our clients. In this new ‘How to write’ series, we’ll be bringing you tips and tools for writing the most common personal and business documents.

We’ve pulled one expert on every type of document from our network of professional writers and editors. In our ‘How to write’ series you’ll hear from seasoned report-writers, professional resume-crafters, personal-statement specialists and PowerPoint producers to list but a few.

On every page of the series, you can download our free writing tips for that specific document as well as find a link to a post by a professional writer on our Blogging Good English blog.

If you’ve got friends or business colleagues who need help with their writing, please share these free resources with them.


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