Learn 10 of the most powerful words in the business world

Maybe you want to get your customer to sign on that dotted line. Or for the phones to start ringing off the hook with new business. Perhaps you just want your own boss to notice you and give you that raise you deserve. But how can you increase your odds of meeting these goals? A good way to start is by learning some powerful words that will help you in the business world.


Simply put, results are what any and all successes in business are based upon. Whether you’re an employee looking for a promotion or a company looking to build their business, success will come if you can achieve positive results.



If the word “save” immediately makes you think of selling your goods or services at a low price that you can’t afford, you need to think again. Save can also refer to other things – like time. Prove to your customers that you can save them time and they won’t be as inclined to hammer you on price. Show your boss that you can save him or her time and a raise is in your future. Of course, saving your customers and your boss money won’t hurt your cause either.


Never assume you and others around you are on the same page unless you confirm it. Make sure you and your customers agree on the price and that the appropriate signatures are on the dotted line before assuming a deal is closed. And if you think you know how your boss wants you to complete a task, double-check. This will always keep you from making a mistake.



You might initially think that “value” has to do with the purchase price of something versus what it’s actually worth. Well, that’s true, but it also has a more important meaning. If you can prove to your customers that they need you, they will never leave. If you can prove the same thing to your manager, you will have a job for life. Consistently demonstrate your value and you will achieve your goals.


Nobody likes to take a gamble on an unproven commodity. Your prospective clientele wants to know that the company they use will deliver what it promises. If you have proven to do this in the past, you are more likely to hold on to their business. Also, if you have proven yourself as a valuable employee at your last job, you are more likely to get the new job you desire.


Bringing a new product to the marketplace before anyone else will attract new customers. Creating a new process that streamlines production and saves your company money might earn you a new promotion. You must push forward into new territory, but make sure it isn’t at the expense of the next word on this list.


No customer wants to be unable to work because the package of parts your company shipped them never showed up. No boss wants to push back a meeting because you were late for work. The fact that you stand behind your word is one of the most important things you must demonstrate in the world of business.


Sometimes a business runs perfectly smooth. Sometimes a business hits hard times. Sometimes a business feels like a war zone. One thing that makes the ups and downs easier to deal with is knowing that your employees and customers will stay loyal to you throughout. Prove to your boss that you are the one they should take into battle with them and they will return that loyalty to you.


This word is helpful in many areas, but it is particularly useful in advertising your product. It works great to help bring in new customers and close deals. They may not know how amazing your company is yet, but if you offer written guarantees that penalize you if you underperform, they are more likely to give you a shot.


You should always show respect in life, and the need to do so is even more pronounced in the business world. Showing respect is the easiest way to keep your customers loyal. It is also the only way to stay on your boss’s good side.

If you learn to live by these ten words, you will keep yourself on the right track towards success in the business world.

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