Here at English Trackers we’re huge fans of TED talks.

We think they’re a great resource for learning English, as the speeches are packed full of practical vocabulary, colloquialisms and expressions. So, we’ve decided to launch a  new series called “TED Explained”, where we analyse and explain each speaker’s brilliant use of the English language.

Never heard of TED talks before? Want to find out more about TED Explained?
Watch the video below to hear Bridget Rooth, founder of English Trackers, explain the details of “TED Explained”.


Click here to start learning English from the first in our series “TED Explained”!

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** English Trackers highly recommends using the official transcripts from the TED website when learning English. Only these transcripts can be guaranteed to use correct English. We will leave the official transcript link in each “TED Explained” post.**