How to Start and End a Cover Letter

  Now that you’ve written your resume in English, and you’ve found a job advertisement, here are a few tips on how to write a respectable cover letter.  I consider these tips to be the ‘good manners’ you’d want to extend to your potential new company. When we’re editing » Read More

Resume in English – 5 Common Mistakes

Here are the five most common mistakes we come across at English Trackers when we edit non-native English speakers’ resumes. The difficulty in translating a CV lies in the fact that education systems are unique to each country. Move onto  job descriptions and company departments, and there’s a whole » Read More

English Trackers: How our Editors Work

The structure of our editing process guarantees you exceptional quality every time you use our services. This week we thought we’d give you a bit of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at English Trackers. This is the procedure we go through every day, for every » Read More

Self-publishing: to Proofread or Not to Proofread?

To proofread or not to proofread? Surely that’s a stupid question? “Aha!” I hear you say, “but at English Trackers proofreading is your livelihood; of course you believe in proofreading.” True. But humour me on this one.   Say you’ve just written a book. You’ve got something to say » Read More