Why Do I Write in English?

The first Roman emperor famously said: “When you gain a new language, you gain a new soul.” I am not sure that I’ve gained a new soul after having learned English but I’ve gained a good ‘rice bowl’ – something which allows me to make a living. “Why do you » Read More

On the Job – The Teacher Trainer

  We launched this “On the Job” series to find out how people use English in their working lives. We talk to them about jargon in their profession, writing on the job and what advice they’d give to learners of English. Who do you work for? Sarah Williams: I » Read More

Retrieving Words from Our Memory Bank

  I believe that our brains are so clever that when we want to express something our word retrieval system pulls out the ‘right’ word from our memory banks. Only, sometimes that word is in the wrong language, meaning not the language in which we are conversing. I don’t » Read More