How to Start and End a Cover Letter

  Now that you’ve written your resume in English, and you’ve found a job advertisement, here are a few tips on how to write a respectable cover letter.  I consider these tips to be the ‘good manners’ you’d want to extend to your potential new company. When we’re editing » Read More

When to use One or A – Singularly Confusing

Numbers… I hear your groan! Often hard to learn in another language.   I mean, look at the French, for 92 they say ‘four twenties twelve’ (quatre-vingt douze) whereas the Chinese confuse us by grouping tens of thousands together which makes 25,000 ‘two ten thousands five thousand’ (两万五千 – liang » Read More

Top 5 Commonly Confused Uncountable Nouns

I have that dastardly habit of correcting non-native English speakers. It just comes out. The correction, that is. Sometimes they thank me, sometimes they seem impervious to my help (interference) and sometimes they ask me to explain the rules. When it comes to countable and uncountable nouns, I always » Read More

Adverbs: Why You Shouldn’t Use them Too Often

Adverbs. I’m sure you’re familiar with them from grammar lessons. After learning how to spot nouns, verbs and adjectives, adverbs are normally next on the list: those words, commonly ending in –ly that modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. But have you ever thought about how adverbs can be » Read More

How to Cut Out Word Noise

An entrepreneur’s journey to brevity Picture an iconic place in your capital city. There are probably around 20 to choose from. Have you selected one yet? Now, imagine you’re going to take out-of-town visitors there. How would you describe it to them? Oh, and did I mention, you’re only » Read More