7 Illustrated Slang Terms for Money

An Illustrated Tour of Slang Terms for Money The English language is rich in slang expressions for money, and often these terms tell us something interesting about the nation using them. With this in mind, the team at Art Money and Go Compare has created a series of artworks » Read More

Cockney Rhyming Slang: You Won’t Adam and Eve It!

  The English language is full of quirky idioms and ways of speaking, but surely one of the quirkiest is Cockney rhyming slang.  Although most historians agree Cockney rhyming slang originated in  London’s east end in the mid-nineteenth century, there are various theories as to how this particularly British linguistic » Read More


I recently wrote about what I term ‘mongrel language’, which refers to the convergence of the two languages used in a bilingual environment. I also described how new ‘mongrel’ words are coined when a term is lacking in one of the two languages. The most famous set of made-up » Read More

Retrieving Words from Our Memory Bank

  I believe that our brains are so clever that when we want to express something our word retrieval system pulls out the ‘right’ word from our memory banks. Only, sometimes that word is in the wrong language, meaning not the language in which we are conversing. I don’t » Read More