Shakespeare’s English: Still in Use Today

You may have seen a few weeks ago that 23rd April marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. It’s an understatement to say that Shakespeare was a master of the English language, even creating countless new words and phrases to enhance the meaning in his writing, many of » Read More

7 Illustrated Slang Terms for Money

An Illustrated Tour of Slang Terms for Money The English language is rich in slang expressions for money, and often these terms tell us something interesting about the nation using them. With this in mind, the team at Art Money and Go Compare has created a series of artworks » Read More

British Accents: Tips on Understanding Brits!

The Challenges of Understanding Different Regional Accents It’s often easy for regional accents and dialects to make understanding a new language difficult. From travelling abroad to communicating with people in different countries via e-mail or telephone, understanding new people can be hard for those who aren’t familiar with common » Read More

A Language Isn’t Anyone’s Property

  Growing use of English all over the world inevitably means innovation in the way it is used, the fruit of a creative encounter between flexible language and local culture. This gives rise to fun and often enlightening variants, but the question of whether these innovations are “right” or » Read More