It’s World Sleep Day today and in its honour we’ve been trying to think of as many different ways of saying ‘sleep’ or ‘fall asleep’ as possible. Judging from the number of sleep synonyms we found, us English speakers must surely love our sleep!




doze (off)


power nap

cat nap

forty winks

go to bed

drop off


have a kip

get some shut-eye

beauty sleep

off to the land of nod

nod off


have a zizz


hit the sack

turn in

conk out / zonk out

catch some zzz’s

Cockney rhyming slang

Feather and flip / Lucky Dip = kip

Bo Peep / Sooty and Sweep = sleep

If you can think of any more, or if you know of any interesting ways of saying ‘sleep’ or ‘fall asleep’ in any other language, then please let us know.

Photo credit: eXage via photopin cc

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