What if you don’t have a LinkedIn strategy …

Sometimes a LinkedIn user only really starts to engage with the platform when they have a crisis.

They have the career equivalent of a medical emergency, which jolts them into LinkedIn awareness.

This is what happened to David, a successful CEO, whose story I recount in the video below. I had to be his LinkedIn doctor and tend to his online health!

Research and planning stage

Would you write a book without first sketching out your storyline?

Would you write website content without planning the pages and identifying your readers?

I hope you answered “No!” to both of these questions.

call to action

And yet many people write their LinkedIn profile without the slightest bit of research or planning. I think they’re setting themselves up to find the platform frustrating.

I’ll admit, it’s not entirely their fault; it’s not immediately obvious how to use LinkedIn, or how to understand the ways that it can help your career or business.

Identify your LinkedIn strategy before you start to write 

As a LinkedIn Coach, I want all my clients to have a clear LinkedIn strategy. My first job is very often to help them work out their strategy, and see how the platform could be working for them. Whatever their position – be they job seekers, business owners, or employees on the corporate ladder – this clarity is vital to a successful approach.

Once the strategy question is settled, the actual building of their profile is so much easier. Every decision point – What is the focus of my profile? How much detail should I include in my Work Experience? What should I write in my Summary? – can be weighed in terms of the overall strategy.


LinkedIn strategy


Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is. I’ve designed a series of steps that usually, with a little bit of hard work, takes my clients from frustrated to fulfilled.

I’ve taken my method and turned it into a self-study course. In ten easy modules, I lead my online clients through a series of videos, slide decks, cheat sheets and downloads, so that they too can have a LinkedIn profile that will work for them.

Don’t wait until you have a career emergency to begin using LinkedIn – start planning and building today.

Need help with your LinkedIn strategy?

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