We welcome guest blogs, particularly from bloggers who have their own blog or who write for their company blog.

We need to be sent a pitch with an outline of the post before we accept a guest post.

We feel flattered if you’ve actually read some of our posts and figured out what we write about and who we write for.

We are not keen to accept guest posts from writers who ‘at this time in their careers are happy to write for free’ as we know they are just after our link juice.

We will, though, accept guest posts from professional bloggers if they woo us first by showing us they care about our blog and community, by pitching their post with an outline and by telling us which site they are paid to link to.

We do not welcome posts that have not been edited and proofread properly. Yes, we’re professional editors which means we spend enough time as it is correcting other people’s errors. We have been known to return guest posts for further editing by the author! (We have also been known to return guest posts – point blank.)

If, after reading these guest blogging guidelines, you’d still like to write a post for us, then contact us via the contact page, or write to us at info [at] englishtrackers [dot] com.

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