The structure of our editing process guarantees you exceptional quality every time you use our services.

This week we thought we’d give you a bit of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at English Trackers. This is the procedure we go through every day, for every document we receive.


English Trackers - How our Editors Work

English Trackers – How our Editors Work




1. The original document will be downloaded by one of our native English editors. They will read over it and then get to work.

2. The first editor will use the Track Changes* function of Microsoft Word to edit the document. This enables our clients to review and compare the edited English to the original version.

At this stage, the first editor will work through the document thoroughly, making corrections to spelling, punctuation and grammar. They will also, where necessary, rework awkward expressions. This ensures that your intended meaning is eloquently expressed, in a professional and consistent style.

Sometimes there are occasions where the editor is not sure about the author’s original meaning, has a suggestion to make, or helpful advice to offer about a particular grammatical point. When this happens, they will leave a comment (see editor N1’s comment in the margin).

*If you’re not sure familiar with Tracked Changes, see this explanation on Webopedia. Microsoft has a demo video, if you want to see Tracked Changes in action.


3. Once the first editor is satisfied with the first draft, the document is re-uploaded to our system, where a second editor will download it. They will check the first editor’s work and make changes where necessary. Normally there are few changes to make; the focus of the second editor’s work is to make sure that the English reads as naturally as possible.

The second editor will also respond to the first editor’s comments and see if they can resolve any issues that arose during the first edit (see editor BC2’s comment).
4. The document is now ready to be given back to the client! Using Tracked Changes they can review the changes made by the two editors. If the client still has questions at this stage they can easily contact us, either by email, using the contact form on our website, or the online messaging system. The end result is a document that any native speaker of English would be proud of!


*The confidentiality of your document is always of utmost priority. In this example we have used a piece of English written by a Chinese speaking member of our team. We never share the content of our clients’ documents.


To know more about the calibre of our editors see our editor’s page.

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