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Top 10 Books on the English Language

Top 10 Books on the English Language Need to buy a book about the English language but don’t know which one to buy or which review to trust? This is my list of the top ten books on the English language. I have most of them on my book shelf » Read More

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Seven Ways to Seriously Improve Your English

Seven Ways to Build Your English Practice – but how much? Anywhere from between 20 hours to 10,000 hours – according to academics or entrepreneurs – depending on which group of experts you wish to believe. If you haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, which explains the 10,000-hour rule » Read More

Ten Awesome Quotes from The Bookworm Lit Fest!

  Two glorious weeks of the Bookworm Literary Festival have come to a close. I’m a little sad. Held in the Beijing Bookworm’s main room – maximum seating one hundred – this is an ‘intimate’ festival. The authors step off the page right into our local bookshop. What a » Read More

Evaluating the Impact of our Written Words

  Do you re-read your business emails? Do you get a colleague to run through a draft report you’ve written?     As the CEO of a professional English editing company, I’ve built my business on the premise that what we write has a huge impact on our personal » Read More

English Nursery Rhymes are Crazy

  If you were lucky enough to have grown up in an English speaking country or had English parents you will have been subjected – much like myself – to the hilarious and very disturbing selection of children’s songs, nursery rhymes and stories that we are all taught by » Read More