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How to Write a Report

 Psst. Can’t be bothered to read? Why not listen to our recorded blog post instead?   Being able to write a structured and well-argued report is an important part of our lives, whether it is an essay for school or university or a report for work. And yet, we rarely ever » Read More

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Spelling Errors – What Cost to Companies?

My daughter’s flight was listed at the top of my account page and next to it was the word ‘Rescheduled’! What? I didn’t get an email or text telling me her flight had been rescheduled! By this time, I’m at work and my daughter is on her way to » Read More

What Do Your Emails Say About You?

The language we use shapes the way that other people see us, so it is important to think carefully about the way that we present ourselves, both in speech and in writing, particularly when we are working on business correspondence. Writing Professional Emails Recognizing the importance of careful editing, » Read More

4 Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates

Psst. Can’t be bothered to read? Why not listen to our recorded blog post instead?   Four job hunting tips for new graduates that will help get you ready for the workplace: Prepare your CV Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you’re sitting down » Read More

5-Step Guide to a Successful Job Interview in English

 Psst. Can’t be bothered to read? Why not listen to our recorded blog post instead?   Job interviews are nerve-wracking even when they are conducted in your first language but interviews in English can be particularly daunting. There is always the worry that your mind will go blank at the vital » Read More

On the Job – The Radio Host

We launched this “On the Job” series to find out how people use English in their working lives. We talk to them about jargon in their profession, writing on the job and what advice they’d give to learners of English.   Who do you work for? Mary King: I work for CRI » Read More