Who writes this blog?

This blog is the creative outlet of English Trackers, an online English editing company. The English Trackers team and guest bloggers dream up the content.

What drives us?

English Trackers believes every idea should be given a ‘writing chance’! Our mission is to help people express their ideas clearly and with style.

Why do we blog about English?

English is what we do. We edit and proofread it every day. We’d like to share our expertise.

What kind of English do we blog about?

The English you use in business situations and the English you use in your everyday life. Sometimes we have an opinion about English to share, which can be found in our Opinion Pieces.

Why do we offer recorded content on a blog?

No time to read? Long commute to fill? We’ve recorded some of our content so you can just plug in and listen. We’ve built you some playlists, recorded by our writers and team members. The ultimate way to experience a blog!

Who’s behind English Trackers?

English Trackers was set up in 2008 by Asia-based British entrepreneur Bridget Rooth. An expatriate since childhood, she grew up seeing people struggle to write good, clear English – including herself!

Believing that language should not be a barrier to people spreading their ideas and expertise, she set up her English editing site to provide affordable access to professional editors. Once her editing site was up and running, her next step was to launch this blog to share her company’s English expertise.

About English Tracker’s founder Bridget Rooth


Bridget Rooth


Language is a thread that runs through my life, tying all the pieces of me together. English is my mother tongue, yet until middle school I was educated in French. Returning to the UK to start boarding school aged eleven, I had a big shock. I could speak perfect English, but I couldn’t write it!

That was the start of my quest to learn how to write well. This journey has led me to set up a service focussed on helping others with their English.

Language has been at the core of my career. I’m an experienced French – English conference interpreter and have translated so many words it’s scary. I speak excellent French, reasonably good Spanish and shamefully bad Chinese – I lived in China for twelve years.

I’ve passed the language and travel theme onto my three children; they have grown up with two mother tongues and are currently working or studying in three different countries.


Bridget Rooth great wall

When not at my desk running my editing firm, I have two contrasting habits: I’m either stretched out on my bed reading a book or hiking up mountains to get away from the computer screen!

I’m always interested in hearing from my readers and editing clients, so feel free to send your comments my way.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my professional background.

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