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MK, Director of an English school for Japanese elementary children and adults
I love English Trackers editors! They correct and edit my speech as if we were meeting in person with full understanding of the message in my speech.

I have a small English school for Japanese elementary school children. The students come to my class after they finish their school day. I also teach English at two kindergartens. I have been doing this job for more than 20 years.

These days I have about 30 local students who come to my class. The youngest ones are the first graders and the oldest one is a university student. I have been teaching some of my students since they were five years old. I also run English classes for seniors.

In my spare time, I’m a keen toastmaster. I have been a member of the Toastmasters Club here in Japan for about ten years now. As members, we have to make speeches in English on a regular basis, and according to regulations from Toastmasters International. I love making speeches in English, it’s a lot of fun and I’ve had quite a bit of success!

  • Polishing up my English speeches

    English is obviously not my mother tongue and I always have so many grammatical questions when I write my speech. English Trackers always gives me the perfect correction and editing.

  • Long-term partnership

    I make my speech for fun, so when I write up my draft speech, I always send it to English Trackers for editing. I can completely depend on their feedback.

  • Quality to rely on

    In our regular club meetings, we choose the best speaker out of four or five prepared speakers, and I mostly get the best speaker’s award. We have speech contests twice a year and I also win the first place in the club contests.

  • Working with English Trackers editors

    I love their editors! They correct and edit my speech as if we were meeting in person with full understanding of the message in my speech.

  • Easy online access

    English Trackers online system is easy to use and something I can rely on completely. I’m very happy to count the company as my partner in my English hobby.

English Trackers helps us maintain a regular publishing schedule and reduce some of the internal burden on our team in the immediate term.

- Anne-Laure Maddy, Commnunications Director, EU SME Centre

The EU SME Centre is a Support Service Provider for European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) facilitating market access in China. The Centre provides free of charge, practical information, advice and business tools to better equip SMEs to develop their business and tackle challenges faced in the Chinese market.

  • Vendor-contract

    We chose English Trackers because they were price competitive and delivered the best quality editing service matching our style of communication.

  • Partnership with English Trackers

    English Trackers won a tender to work as the English editing partner of the European-funded EU SME Centre project.

  • Reports and Case Studies

    Ever year, the EU SME Centre commissions reports on various sectors of the Chinese market, such as F&B, ecommerce, creative industries, constructions and so on. These are available free to European SMEs seeking to enter the Chinese market.

  • Style guidelines

    The Centre's reports and case studies are all edited by English Trackers’ team of editors, according to EU SME styled guidelines. This allows the Centre to produce high-quality English content, written in a unified voice and style.

Pauline LAHARY, Founder & Commercial Director of MyCVfactory
I needed a professional English version of MyCvfactory so I could be credible online. Native-content is key when you launch your own business!

Mycvfactory aims to assist those looking for a job or a new career path. The company provides an all-inclusive offer allowing applicants to showcase their skills and strong points: in other words, to promote themselves more efficiently in the eyes of potential future employers.

Mycvfactory offers original CV writing in multiple languages, including high-quality design and content, and the creation of cover letters. We offer CV templates to download: these cater to people with small budgets and helps those who are not so creative. We also write CVs: this service caters to people who need a fresh eye on their profile or unique design made exclusively for them.

I think one of the most important ways you can serve anyone is to give them the freedom to understand their passion, their skills, and their personal brand. We do that through personalized coaching services. Once someone has clarity about her brand, we empower that individual to get her brand out there and live out who she is by finding her ideal job and growing her influence.

  • Polishing our English

    We usually ask for the editing service on all our English resumes, so we make sure the English is PERFECT for our clients.

  • Impacting the delivery of our services

    The impact of their work is huge: thanks to their services, we can deliver high quality English CVs, edited by their language experts. This work contributes to our company’s growth, each and every day.

  • Long-term partnership

    It’s a real pleasure to have built this partnership with English Trackers. The editors provide great work - nothing else to say except that it’s a fabulous service!

  • Easy-to-use online system

    I love their online platform. You get a price instantly and then you simply upload your document into the hands of their professionals. Sometimes, we need our resume within 24 hours, English Trackers can deliver fast, and that is pretty AWESOME.

  • Easy online access

    English Trackers online system is easy to use and something I can rely on completely. I’m very happy to count the company as my partner in my English hobby.

The results of their editing are always of the highest quality, and the editing is not just technical but also content-related.

- Ian Geoffrey, Marketing Representative, InstantApartments

Whether you are on a temporary assignment, transitioning to a new home, or remodelling an existing home, picking the right temporary housing can be a burden. InstantApartments® was founded in 2015, and has since developed into a premium provider of high-quality apartments for temporary living (short-term rental) for both corporate and private customers, offering the ideal solution for those who want stay-at-home comfort and a convenient location. Currently focusing on temporary housing in Berlin, Germany, InstantApartments® continues to expand Europe-wide and beyond.

All our apartments are completely refurbished, modernized, centrally located, and equipped with new furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, electrical appliances including high-speed internet, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, flat-screen TVs, Dolby Surround Systems, and much more.

  • Producing quality English content

    As a German company, we produce our content in German and then translate it into many languages, including English. To ensure it sounds native, we submit it to English Trackers.

  • Editing as part of our workflow

    All our English content goes through the hands of their professional editors.

  • All-round added value

    I enjoy the individual and professional support. The results are always of the highest quality, and the editing is not just technical but also content-related.

  • Impacting our brand

    The professional appearance of our website, with its quality English content, leads to more bookings. Our networks are growing and showing all-round quality online is helping us position our brand.

  • Platform and partnership

    Our partnership with English Trackers is friendly and professional. Their platform is easy to handle, efficient and transparent.

Michael WILKES, DBA Candidate at Edinburgh Business School
The most important contribution English Trackers is making to my research is to help me achieve a level of professionalism and quality in my academic writing – I could not reach this level without their support.

I am currently in the final research stage for the degree of Doctor of Business Administration at the Edinburgh Business School. My research focuses on the relationship between managerial values, types of organisational culture and the levels of employee-organisation value congruency as well as affective employee commitment. Given my long-term work experience in the PR China, the sample groups I am testing the theoretical model of my research with are executives and employees of private Chinese companies, so a lot of translation and then English polishing work is required.

  • Access to professional editing services

    One gets access to top professionals, who support not only with excellence in language proficiency but also with feedback regarding text passages, which did not fit or were written clumsily or illogically.

  • Project-based use of editing services

    So far I have used English Trackers services on a project base related to my research study. They helped me to polish my research proposals and I am now going to engage them for the language work on the final thesis.

  • Quality editing work

    Their editors are experienced in their field, which means that English Trackers really are able to match the right people to the right tasks.

  • Impact on my academic writing

    I am German by origin and a businessperson, not an academic. The most important contribution English Trackers and the editor responsible for my project are making is to help me achieve a language level of professionalism and quality, which on my own I would not have reached.

  • Partnership with English Trackers

    I would describe my relationship with English Trackers as very trusting, the flexibility they showed in adjusting to my tight schedules as well as their level of professionalism far exceeded my expectations.

In some cases their editors will suggest alternative phrasings, depending on our intentions. This approach not only improves the paper at hand, but also serves as a nice refresher that improves my writing on later papers.

- Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, School of Economics and Management, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Dr. Steven White is Associate Professor in the Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management, where he focuses on issues related to creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization. He is also Associate Director of Tsinghua University’s x-lab, a cross-functional innovation hub that brings together students, faculty, policymakers and executives to develop the innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities in teams as they develop solutions to complex business and social problems and found new ventures.

He has published extensively in international journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies and Research Policy. In 2015 he was recognized as one of the top 20 China-based management scholars based on his publications and citations.

Before joining Tsinghua, Dr. White taught at INSEAD, the China Europe International Business School and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, MA from the International University of Japan, and BS from Duke University. He is a United States citizen and resides in Beijing, China.

  • Adding value to a native English speaker’s writing

    I'm a native English speaker and, I think, a pretty good writer. But my co-authors and I see the value that English Trackers adds by making sure our ideas and arguments are communicated clearly and effectively.

  • Editing services form part of our submission process

    All of our papers go through English Trackers before they go to a journal for review.

  • Impact of using academic proofreading service

    Publishing in academic journals has become incredibly competitive, and having a polished submission can only help. I do know, as a reviewer myself, that poor writing is distracting and annoying!

  • Editors who add value

    All of the editors who have worked on our papers have added much more value than just correcting grammar and spelling. They re-work sentences and paragraphs to make them cleaner and clearer, and they will also give the rational for major edits.

  • Long-term partnership with English Trackers

    We send all of our papers to them before submitting to a journal. They make sure our ideas and arguments are communicated clearly and effectively, and that certainly makes a difference in the review process.

  • Easy online service

    The interface and process is clean, clear and efficient.

When I read the editor’s comments, I feel they are tutting at me, and I’m like, “What?!” But then I realise the comments are brilliant – they demonstrate I’m getting a real viewpoint from someone who’s passionate about English.

- Martin BARNES, Founder & Creative Director, MOI

Mountains of Imagination is a graphic design studio focused on visualisation and presentations, we want you to enjoy your next presentation and be a more creative professional. Be memorable, connect and stand out with clear thinking and bold design.

  • Looking for editorial edge

    I use their editing services when I want a really thorough spellcheck with a critical editorial edge. I know the proofreader is a qualified person, not a robot or someone in a back office somewhere.

  • Project-based use of services

    I work with them on a big project base. When I have a big wave of content, I use their services to upgrade my content before my next step. My main goal is to get accurate, well-written English.

  • Editors’ comments

    When I read the editor’s comments, I feel they are tutting at me, and I’m like, “What?!” But then I realise the comments are brilliant – they demonstrate I’m getting a real viewpoint from someone who’s passionate about English.

  • Quality check

    I like the fact my writing goes through two checks. When I get it I’m damn confident there is no mess up and I feel I can use my edited content anywhere. That gives me peace of mind.

  • Investing in my writing

    I think the value I get from their editing will come later when I turn a block of short posts into longer form content. People will enjoy reading it and not pull me up on spelling mistakes. That’s important to me as a dyslexic graphic designer.

  • Partnering with English Trackers

    My work with English Trackers has been collaborative from the start; MOI has provided artwork on the backend of some joint projects. I look forward to working with English Trackers on my content; I like knowing that the quality level and timing will be respected.


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